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Additional Information

Cardiovascular Risk Score (QRISK2)& Heart Age What is cardiovascular disease (NHS Choices)
Explanation of cardiovascular risk and heart age (NHS Choices)
Blood Pressure: Systolic & Diastolic Your blood pressure score (NHS Choices)
Low blood pressure score (NHS Choices)
Blood Pressure Chart (Blood Pressure UK)
Pulse Rate and rhythm Guide to understanding your heart rate (British Heart Foundation)
Guide on how to check your pulse (NHS Choices)
Know Your Pulse (Arrhythmia Alliance)
Cholesterol level Understanding cholesterol levels (NHS Choices)
Cholesterol tests – know your number (Heart UK)
Blood glucose test (HbA1c or random glucose test) Reduce your diabetes risk (NHS Choices)
Information on causes of low blood sugar levels (NHS Choices)
Diabetes and your heart (British Heart Foundation)
Chest or Calf pain on exertion Explanation of peripheral arterial disease (NHS Choices)
Current Smoker Smoking and Your Health (Smoke Free Life Somerset)
How smoking affects your body (Smokefree NHS)
Alcohol Drink and You (One You)
Alcohol units (NHS Choices)
Track and calculate units app (Drinkaware)
Body Mass Index (BMI) & Waist Size Your BMI and Why waist size matters (NHS Choices)
Height/weight chart (NHS Choices)
Physical Activity (GPPAQ) Score Active with Zing Somerset
One You Get Moving
Physical activity guidelines for adults aged 19 to 64 (Department of Health)
Physical activity guidelines for adults aged 65+ (Department of Health)
Put your heart into walking (BHF))
Healthy Diet Tips for 5 A Day (Change 4 Life)
How Healthy is Your Food (One You)
Food and Diet (NHS Choices)
Sugar Smart App (Change 4 Life)
Falls Risk Assessment (age 65 and over) How to Reduce your Risk of Falling (NHS Choices)
Preventing a Fall (Somerset Choices)
Depression Assessment Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing (NHS Choices)
Beat Stress Feel Better (Men’s Health Forum)
The Little Book of Mental Health(Somerset Choices)
Mental Wellbeing Assessment Tool
Vascular Dementia Causes of Vascular Dementia (NHS Choices)